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2017-2019 L5P/L5D VSE V65mm STG2

2017-2019 L5P/L5D VSE V65mm STG2

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!! Replaces Outgoing 11 blade 64.5mm Stage1 turbo !!

L5P 65mm Stg2 has arrived – Power without loss of drivability!

How did we extract more power out of our 65mm Stg2 turbo?

It starts with numbers. Turbos are typically purchased based on inducer size alone. The VSE L5P Duramax 65mm turbo features a no core design in that the threading of the turbo comes in from the back and does not protrude from the front. It is necessary to go away from the factory style front fastener design here to minimize compressor surge and lessen stress across the turbine shaft.

Our proprietary turbo shaft has been cut down and back threaded to reduce the overall weight of the assembly but more importantly reduce overall weight of the compressor. Since there is no core protruding through the turbo we have dramatically reduced the center section area of our first compressor stage allowing an effective 24.65mm blade length vs the competition 22.80mm. This is how our compressor flows so much more a 65mm than a 67mm.

!! Important note - Our high flow compressor wheel/combined with our custom turbine shaft, turbine, and shroud plate will provide unmatched drivability and the largest available useable power curve. Combined with our custom in house tuning compressor mapping, this combination will take maximum advantage of the large fuel system that the L5P has on tap !!

**Airflow to support +700 RWHP with with proper fueling and high flow intake installed**

  • 65mm custom billet compressor wheel
      • 82.3 lbm/min airflow (Stock is 59 lbm/min)
      • 45psi boost at sea level
      • 7 by 7 blade in house engineered custom compressor designed to maximize compressor flow while eliminating compressor surge
      • 6mm taller than factory compressor height to increase compressor efficiency (36mm vs 31.2mm)
      • 133 grams in weight (stock is 148 grams) (Competition ~ 170 grams)
      • No fastener technology, features no compressor nut to maximize available air at the compressor inlet.
      • Component/polymer balanced compressor wheel
      • Maximum possible efficiency with use of our in house software and compressor mapping
      • 3D Port matched compressor cover for maximum compressor efficiency and minimal compressor slip
      • Custom machined turbine shaft 610grams vs 780grams (factory)
  • Road tested efficiency
      • 3% Increase in fuel economy with appropriate tuning
  • Dyno tested power output
      • 140 rwhp gain over factory turbo max with proper tuning
      • Verified, not just capable, power output of 700+ RWHP with stock fueling
  • Turbo build process
      • Units are fully built with upgraded severe duty bearings, upgraded 360 degree thrust bearings and thrust plate
      • Cerakote heat treatment option to increase turbine heat retention and efficiency and lower under hood temperatures.
      • Modified Turbine Exhaust vane cage for lowest possible drive pressure ratio
      • High speed balanced after assembly to ensure longevity of rotating assembly
      • Fully assembled and pre-lubricated including post install lubrication oil
  • Exhaust brake efficiency
      • Compressor and turbine rotating assembly provide maximum possible exhaust braking at all times

This Turbo was Engineered for:

    • Maximum balance of power and fuel economy during all uses
    • Removal of turbo lag experienced by many aftermarket turbos
    • Mixed use of towing and daily driving
    • Custom tuning required
    • Maximum possible exhaust brake efficiency

What about an actuator?

 The L5P actuator has proven to be very resilient to failure in our experience since the turbos were first brought into use back in 2017. The L5P uses an electronic stepper motor to precisely position the vane cage assembly based on ECM request instead of using oil pressure like previous generation of Duramax turbos. 

Signs of a damaged actuator typically results in the ECM triggering a Code P003A, and then over and under boost diagnostic codes followed by a limp condition. If you turbo has a damaged actuator one will need to be purchased from us.

***** If an actuator is purchased, a VGT relearn is required.*****

What about a vane cage?

The L5P turbo runs a 9mm exhaust vane. Our testing has shown running an increased vane has resulted in poor drivability, poor exhaust brake function, and poor fuel economy. This can easily be shown by current industry aftermarket turbos and customer complaints while running a 15mm or a 11 mm vane.

Another significant but often overlooked problem with running a larger vane cage is the additional mechanical stress and wear placed on the actuator since it now has more mechanical loading due to the increase in vane surface area, while increasing the handling capacity of the factory actuator. This can be seen based on the rapid failure rates of turbos across the country running larger than factory vane cages.

The VSE L5P 65mm series turbos run a highly modified version of the factory size vane cage to increase the responsiveness of the turbo and decrease overall drive pressure ratio, while the turbo is under extreme load and high RPM. The vane cage and exhaust housing is ported to 13mm at the opening and passed through the factory 9mm nozzles for at short time at the vane cage exist to minimize stress on the actuator and lower overall drive pressure ratio. By design we keep the turbine in its optimal RPM range during the majority of the operating cycle for optimum efficiency.

What about a larger turbine?

The L5P turbo runs a highly efficient Radial flow turbine that measures 70 by 62.7 mm. The radial flow style turbine is built with an integrated heat shield and designed to work with a variable geometry vane cage. During extensive testing, we decided to switch to a mixed flow 10 blade 10degree clipped 71 by 67mm turbine to reduce drive pressure ratio further when pushed above 700rwhp. This turbine/cage and shroud assembly increases overall responsiveness of the turbine and changes the exhaust sound dramatically. 


Compressor mapping and map data

The biggest difference between the VSE 65mm turbos and what's out there -- we are calibrators through and through. As such, we demand that every product we tune we need to have the manufacture specific map data so the ECM understands what to do with it. Our proprietary turbo mapping software designed the compressor and delivers as found data which include turbo efficiency and turbo speed tables to make up the compressor map data report. This report is inserted into the ECM so it understands what to do with the new found airflow. This is build right into our tuning profiles. This data is also supplied to other designated tuners at our discretion.

Core process

Why a core? This units are built from factory Borg Warner units as demarked on the compressor casing. Due to increased demand our turbos are build off of new and used units as they all get upgraded internals and undergo a casing pressure test. A good turbo core consists of one with no internal damage, to casing or center section. Turbos that do not have factory turbo casting marks “GM or Borg Warner” are not considered usable cores to us and will be rejected – please verify this prior to send in.  Once your core has been received and inspected, a refund of the core will be received within 24-48hours unless notified otherwise.


** Warranty Disclaimer  If VIN Specific Enterprises LLC, or another designated tuner has tuned the truck that this turbo is bolted to then it is backed by a 3 year unlimited mile warranty against manufacture defects from date of installation. If a NON - designated tuner has tuned the truck that this turbo is bolted to then it is backed by a 2 year unlimited mile warranty against manufacture defects from date of installation. Damage caused by poor tuning practices, or disregard for the customers vehicle, or other installation related issues are responsibility of the purchaser – not VIN Specific Enterprises LLC and the above warranty will be void. Warranty coverage includes replacement of the turbo only. If there are questions regarding installation, or warranty call 1-833-789-7700 ext 2 !!  A designated tuner list will be provided upon request.

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