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The Beans Diesel 280003 Multi-Function Fuel Tank Sump is a quick and easy way to get the most amount of fuel for your diesel-powered vehicle. By pulling fuel from the bottom of the tank rather than the top, you take a lot of strain off the fuel pump, allowing it to operate much quieter and you will never have to worry about quarter tank issues again. Another added bonus to the Beans Diesel Bean Machine fuel sump, is the simple fact that you no longer need to drop the fuel tank to install your aftermarket fuel system. You simply drill a hole in the bottom of the tank, clean out any shavings and install the sump. Minimal tools are required and it shaves about hours off your install time.

This fuel tank sump is made from single piece of 6061 Billet aluminum for strength and utilizes an O-ring Boss style fitting instead of a pipe thread style fitting to minimize the potential for leaks. The single O-ring design creates the perfect seal insuring you have zero leaks. A single bolt and a 3” hole is required for installation with a 3” hole saw and mounting bolt being included in this sump kit. In addition, the Beans Diesel 280003 Multi-Function Fuel Tank Sump includes a whole host of aluminum fittings; such as 1/2" push-lock, 3/8” push-lock, and 5/8" push-lock fittings found on most aftermarket fuel systems as well as 1/2" single outlet plug if you only need a single outlet style pump. This sump includes a drain plug that allows for servicing of the tank or sediment draining and includes stainless-steel hardware for longevity.

O-Ring Design For A Perfect Seal
Works On Gas Or Diesel Applications
Can Be Used On Metal Or Plastic Tanks
Super Strong 1 Piece Machined Billet Design
6061 Billet Aluminum Construction With 1-Piece Machined Design
Stainless Drain Plug For Future Tank Servicing Or Sediment Draining
Can Be Installed On Any Fuel Tank With An Available 4” Diameter Flat Area
Comes With 3” Hole Saw To Make The Only Hole Needed In Your Tank For Install
Perfect For Use With Today's High Flow Lift Pump Systems (Airdog, FASS, Etc)
Inner Ring Designed To Go Through The 3” Hole So Tank Does Not Need To Be Dropped
Uses All Available Fuel From The Tank. No Issues With Sucking Air When Below 1/8th Of A Tank
Sediment Bowl Area Machined Inside Of The Sump To Reduce The Amount Of Sediments That Get To Your Filter System
Stainless Steel Hardware, High Flow Aluminum 1/2", 3/8”, & 5/8" Quick Disconnect/Pushlock Fittings, And A -8 ORB Plug Are Provided In The Kit
Single Bolt Design That Allows For 5 Minute Install. A Single Bolt Off ers Less Chances For Leaks Than Tanks Sumps Using Multiple Bolts Drilled Into The Tank
Kit Includes:
Sump Body
Sealing Washer
(1) 5/16" Plug
(1) 3/8" Plug
(1) 1/2" Plug
Stainless Steel Bolt
Sump "Pacman" in Tank Backer Ring
1/4" NPT Stainless Steel Drain Plug Fitting
(2) -8 O-Ring Boss (ORB) to 1/2" QDC/Push-lock Fittings
(1) -8 O-Ring Boss (ORB) to 5/8" QDC/Push-lock Fitting
(1) -8 O-Ring Boss (ORB) to 3/8" QDC/Push-lock Fitting
(1) -8 O-Ring Boss (ORB) 1/2" Plug For Single Outlet Operation
3" Hole Saw (Plastic Tank Only. If Installing On Metal Tank You Will Need To Purchase A Metal Hole Saw)

If you are running a FASS Fuel System that with 5/8" fuel line, you must purchase the Beans Diesel -8 ORB To 5/8" Push-Lock Fitting 288003.

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