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Mel's Manufacturing Twister Muffler

Mel's Manufacturing Twister Muffler

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Mel's Manufacturing Twister Muffler 5" in x 5" Out - 18" - 12". Race Muffler That Fits In Tight Places Reduces Noise To Meet Most Track Requirements Works as a Resonator on Noisy Diesel Applications Insignificant Loss Of Horsepower From Open Headers Great Fit For Street-Legal High Performance Vehicles.

The Mel's Manufacturing F5 Series Twister Resonator features a continuous spiral design which is less restrictive than glass-packed designs helping to minimize turbulence which increases horsepower over other spiral designs. The dual flow path cancels noise and creates a vacuum effect accelerating the exhaust through the muffler.

The Twister Muffler 51299 / 51600 by Mel's Manufacturing is a universal muffler add-on for any 4 or 5" exhaust system. The Twister muffler uses a high-flow dual-path system to keep your exhaust quiet enough for the street but doesn't restrict the flow like your OE muffler would.

It's designed to meet most track requirements and works as a resonator on diesel applications. Mel's Manufacturing has tested these vs open headers and has found an insignificant loss of power when adding the twister muffler system!


  • Low interior resonance
  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Expertly made from premium materials

Notes: To ensure precise fit, please check catalytic converter shape, length and inlet diameter: the latter should match your exhaust pipe diameter
Notes: Installation may involve welding and cutting

  • Welded construction for strength & durability
  • Continuous spiral design minimizes turbulence for greater flow which increases HP over other spiral baffle designs
  • Spiral design is less restrictive than glass packed designs
  • Dual flow path cancels noise and creates a vacuum effect that accelerates the exhaust through the muffler.


  • Style: High Flow "Twister"
  • Sound: Minimal volume reduction; very good at eliminating mid-range drone
  • Material: Aluminized Steel
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